My name is Jay Holland. I have been everything from a cowboy, to carpenter, ditch digger and welder. I've built motorcycles, automobiles, houses, and furniture. But it was my father who taught me to make things of leather by hand. He learned the trade by necessity and he passed that skill on to me. Together, we formed Mulholland Brothers leather goods. In the beginning, I did all the sewing. In time, I became expert at making everything from suitcases to gun cases, wallets and bags, even fly swatters. Over a 40 year run, we continued to hone our craft and make things we were proud to hold up and call our own. At our peak, we employed 500 craftspeople in our San Francisco factory.
We not only sold goods under our own brand, we also made custom things for people and companies that appreciated our skills. Everyone from Hermes to Orvis, Land Rover to Ford Racing. We even went so far as to create a Mulholland suite at the Huntington Hotel in San Francisco where everything in the room, including the furniture was ours, and was for sale. In the end, we were a company that offered not just things, but the experience that went with them. Today, I’m back with the new venture of The J. Holland Co. This time around, I want to share not just my own craftsmanship and experiences, but also those of the talented men and women I’ve met along the way.

Jay Holland