There is a simple pleasure in using a thing well made. The tool that fits the hand. The favorite jacket. The old truck you look back at every time you walk away. These few, best things are the ones we choose to take along with us on most any journey or adventure - so much so that they eventually become a part of the story of our lives. Things of this quality are very hard to find. So I decided to make them myself. 35 years ago, I co-founded Mulholland Brothers Leather. For those 35 years we made great things in leather, metal and wood that I was proud to have bear my name. In 2013 I sold Mulholland Brothers. In 2015 the new owners closed down the business. And it broke my heart.

But the urge to create runs deep. So here I am again, with the same desire for timeless beauty, quality and craftsmanship. The J. Holland co is the result of this new dream. Everything you will find here is the best that i am capable of. My goal is to create well-made, soulful things that inspire whoever encounters them. Some of these we make ourselves at The J. Holland co, some are the work of other craftsmen and women I have met along the way. I hope these things move you as they do me.

Who We Are

It has been said that things inherit the spirit of their makers. So you should probably know a bit about who I am.
Everything we make is based on how we live. Each one is born of our experiences on the road of life. Some things we make ourselves, and some are made by people we've met along the way who share our commitment to craftsmanship.
We buy the very best materials we can get, and we shape them into things of timeless beauty. 100 years of combined experience in the leather and manufacturing trade means our ability to source those materials is unparalleled.
We are people of integrity. We are proud of what we do, and we strive to deal fairly in all aspects of our business. As such, we stand behind the things we make. If you have a problem, let us know and we will make it right.