Cache Portfolio Green Camo Leather


My father used to say, “You can judge the stature of a person by the size of their briefcase; lighter is better”.  He meant that decision makers do not have to carry volumes of files.  The idea then struck me: why not create a modern alternative to the old-fashioned briefcase?  And so the Cache Portfolio was born.

The fact is today the world is much faster paced than ever before and efficiency matters.  For example, we do not carry paper, we store data, so why use a cumbersome, heavy briefcase when the Cache will fulfill your needs?  Whatever your daily routine, this will be your adult organizer.  The four outside pockets are perfectly designed for easy access to our modern needs; cell phone, iPad, earbuds, car keys, cords, chargers, portable drives, pens, pencils and breath mints!  The main compartment is  padded inside to hold your laptop and scribble pad.  Even with all the capacity, the design still allows the user to neatly tuck the Cache under their arm for ease of carry and security.  A true statement piece featuring lightweight glove tanned green camo leather and solid brass zippers, the modern, sleek look complements your lifestyle, emphasizing practicality and simplified sophistication.  

Carrying it tells the world who you are. However you use it, the Cache will be one of the best investments you can make.

Dimensions: 15"W x 10.5"H x 1.5"D

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